I've always struggled with a dry scalp and am always looking for products to help with it.

The best tool that I've stumbled upon in the last decade is definitely the scalp massager. I use it every shower. Besides feeling amazing, it can exfoliate, loosen debris and dandruff, and increase follicle circulation. The scalp massager can also allow serums and hair products to work better and using a scalp massager can help reduce stress and tension and increases blood circulation.

The best way to work a scalp massager is to use it in circular motions which helps to loosen dead skin cells. You can also comb or brush through the hair gently. Using it with wet hair is the best for removing dandruff or psoriasis. Anyone that suffers from dry scalp, dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis will benefit from a scalp massager by regularly helping to remove buildup or oil, dead skin, or debris.

But the question is, does a scalp massager help with hair growth? Now, there is no evidence to support that it does, but use increases circulation and can work hair growth serum into the scalp.