First off, what is activated charcoal? Activated charcoal is made by processing a material that’s high in carbon at very high temperatures and steam or hot air “activates” it. During this process the surface area and pores are increased so the charcoal is able to bind to and become really adsorbent.

Why is that important in you soap? Well it gives one heck of a clean and does so very gently. We have customers that swear by this soap and use it for their skin ailments. It's great for every skin type and we've got 2 great bars, one from your face and one for hand and body.

Need a bar for your face? Check out our Charcoal Facial Soap. Need a bar for your hands and body? Check out our Charcoal soap.

All of Lavami's soap is hand-crafted in our hometown of beautiful Calgary, Alberta.