I always get asked if our deodorant works. I get it, nobody wants to be the stinky person and natural deodorant is known to be less effective at masking smell then the store-bought commercial brands and antiperspirants. Most of us have used those store-bought brands at some point. When I first started using a deodorant that was all I could find, and I must admit that it worked with relative ease, I only had to apply once a day. But, there are many downsides to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, which include:

- White marks on clothes. It didn’t matter if I got dressed first then put on deodorant or vice versa there were white marks on everything.
- Yellow stains on white shirts. Frustrating and kind of gross.
- They are full of chemicals. Antiperspirants contain aluminum and as the aluminum ions get drawn into the cells, water passes in with them. As more water flows in, the cells swell, effectively squeezing the ducts closed and effectively trapping in the sweat. Aluminum exposure has been associated with certain diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Deodorants and antiperspirants also contain things like parabens (even certain natural deodorants contain these), triclosan, artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate and a few other ingredients that have are potential carcinogens. Once applied these toxins are absorbed into the skin and potentially the bloodstream and lymph nodes that are located near the armpit.

These reasons were enough to make me switch. Natural deodorant does take some getting used too, but it is definitely worth the struggle. The biggest thing that we need to remember is that it is not the same as store-bought and should not be treated and applied the same. Here are a few tips to help you with the transition to natural:

- At first, your body will need to detox and you may be extra stinky for a while. Wait it out! Avoiding toxins is worth it.
- Create a new deodorant routing and if you start to stink, reapply. It’s that simple and if you don’t like that then you are probably stuck with the store-bought. Our deodorants are 2 oz. and easily fit in any bag to be taken with you. You may also need to apply more frequently if you are an extra sweaty person.
- You should apply the deodorant to clean and dry armpits at the beginning of the day. You may not even need to reapply.
- You do not need a lot of product. This is one of the reasons we believe in deodorant cream as opposed to the stick as you can control where and how much to apply. A little is more effective than a lot and you only need enough to cover the armpit with a very thin layer. It takes a little bit of trial and error to find the right amount, but start small and if that is not enough up it just a little.
- Try applying apple cider vinegar to your armpit. I use a cotton ball to apply a small amount of apple cider vinegar to my armpit before bed and about 5 minutes before I put on deodorant in the morning. I found this makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the deodorant. I hate the smell of it so I add peppermint and tea tree to the bottle and shake well before using. Just ensure that the vinegar has had enough time to absorb in before applying the deodorant. Also, if you find that natural deodorants irritate your armpits try applying ACV this way. The irritation is probably from the amount of baking soda in the deodorant and the ACV will help re-acidify and neutralize the skin.

I've done a lot of experimenting with Lavami's deodorant and I think that on its own it works very well, but everyone is different and it worth troubleshooting before giving up on the product. This may seem like a lot of work, but the benefits are worth it. Imagine never having stained clothing again!

If you are having deodorant issues or have questions/comments I would love to hear from you! Email noni@lavamisoap.com.