We all want that spa experience, but sometimes we don’t have the time, the patience, or, lets be honest, the extra funds. We’re here to tell you that you can still have that experience for only $18, and you can get your household chores done while doing it.

Clay masks are amazing for all skin types because it helps draw out dirt and buildup while drawing out the excess oil that our skin doesn’t need. After it has drawn out the unwanted dirt and oil, it does a little extra for you by helping with minimizing pore size.

While clay masks have a ton of benefits, the main amazing things clay masks do for you are they:

- Absorb excess oils

- Control shine

- Hydrate your skin like no other

What is in our clay mask that will make you want to use it instantly? Our Pink Clay mask has the obvious, pink clay, but it is also filled with white clay, coconut flour, oat flour, and 100% pure rose geranium essential oil.

So, if our Pink Clay mask has a ton of incredible ingredients, why does Pink Clay get the title? Well, because pink clay has silica. Silica has many benefits for hair and skin such as that it:

- Regenerates the skin

- Delays the aging process

- Strengthens hair with luster and suppleness

- Helps grow hair faster, and stronger Regulates blood circulation and

strengthens blood vessels crucial for spider veins

But, there’s more!

The coconut and oat flour work together by adding moisture and reducing redness. That way, your skin looks refreshed after using the mask, and you can go about your day as you planned. Our clay mask is perfect for an at home spa day, and we recommend using it at least one per week to keep skin moisturized and keep dirt and buildup at bay.