Aloe has been a staple in the healing world since the ancient times, but did you know it has benefits for your skin? Here are the top 5 benefits Aloe has for your skin:

  1. Soothes Sunburns
    We’ve all been burnt to a crisp before, so we can all attest to how painful a sunburn is. Aloe has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, which provides a protective layer to your skin. This helps retain moisture, while the antioxidants and minerals help speed up healing. 
  2. Moisturizing
    Sometimes, we find that moisturizer leaves your skin feeling almost too moisturized, leaving a greasy film on our skin. Aloe’s moisturizing properties softens skin without clogging pores, and is a great treatment for dry skin.
  3. Heals wounds
    Aloe is known to be a topical treatment for cuts, burns, and wounds. Additionally, aloe can aid in the healing of first and second degree burns because it penetrates the outer layer of the skin four times faster than water. 
  4. Prevents aging
    We’re all looking for the next thing to keep our skin looking youthful. Being rich in vitamins C, E, and beta carotene, Aloe has the ability to aid in the look of youthful skin. Additionally, Aloe’s anti-inflammatory properties aid in the prevention of aging.
  5. Treats Acne
    Aloe is antibacterial, antiseptic, and as mentioned above, anti-inflammatory. This powerhouse protects the skin from bacteria and other pathogens. Aloe reduces the skin’s pore size, keeping out excess sebum, dirt, and microbes. 

There are many benefits of Aloe, further than the ones above. Aloe is beneficial in improving the health of your hair, as it conditions and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Additionally, aloe is used to aid digestion and treat psoriasis and eczema.

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