Can't decide between our shampoo bars? Here's what you need to know.

Our Everyday and Everyday Lemongrass shampoo bars are soap based, they are made from oils, water, and lye. That's it. The best conditioner is ACV in water. They leave your hair soft, manageable, and shiny. However, they're not for everyone. They clean differently and for those who have coloured or treated hair (or have used products with silicones or had treatments like Olaplex), or live where the water is hard, they can leave a film. 

Our new shampoo bars are exactly like the bottled stuff just without the waste. They are made with sodium cocoyl isethionate, which is a very mild surfactant commonly referred to as baby foam. They are gentle on the hair and scalp, can be used on coloured hair, and leave your hair silky smooth. 

Really, it comes down to preference. If you're looking for a new way to clean your hair, try out the Everyday or Everyday Lemongrass shampoo bars. It's kind of a 3 in one bar, wash your hair and your body and even shave your legs! If you're looking for something just like the salon quality shampoos and conditioners, try out either the Juicy, Restore, or Revitalize.