Plastic waste in our oceans is a huge problem and producing products that have minimal plastic is very important to us. It's estimated that about 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans each year. Plastics are generally not biodegradable, but they do fragment into microplastic particles due to UV radiation which facilitates oxidative degradation of the polymers. This debris can be found all over the world, from glaciers, soils, beaches, deep sea, and shallow waters. 

To reduce our plastic consumption, we searched high and low for a scalp massager that was 100% silicone. Silicone is more durable and ocean-friendly than plastic, has a higher melting point, and doesn't provide as much environmental damage. The durability means that one of these bad boys will last you a VERY long time, if not forever. This scalp massager doesn’t break down into microplastics, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA, and doesn’t require fossil fuels for production.

To continue on with our environmental initiatives with the scalp massager, we opted for not packaging/box in the traditional sense. Instead, it comes in a brushed cotton pouch. We will also donate the cost of the box to Plastics Oceans Canada. Plastic Oceans Canada’s mission is to solve plastic pollution by advocating for Canadian businesses to take impactful steps towards eliminating their plastic pollution footprint, driving towards implementation of changes with government, producers, recyclers and consumers and supporting and implementing programs to clean our coastlines.