Solid shampoo bars are a great all-natural alternative to traditional liquid shampoos. They are designed to clean and condition hair without stripping your strands of any natural oils. Currently we have in stock 4 different shampoo bars, each formulated to help you achieve a different effect.

Silk Shampoo Bar - Volumizes, softens and adds shine.

Honey, Beer and Egg - Repairs and revitalizes dull, dry and damaged hair.

Shampoo Bar – Cleans and softens.

Comfrey and Argan Shampoo Bar – Moisturizes, adds shine, reduces frizz, and softens.

Choosing the correct shampoo bar can be trial and error based on what benefits you are looking for and how your hair and scalp reacts to each bar, as individual hair needs vary. If one doesn’t work or feel right try something different!

Things to remember about shampoo bars:

- Your hair will likely need some time to adjust to using shampoo bars. If you regularly use commercial shampoos containing sulfates, your hair will likely go through an oily phase. This will be due to fact that you are no longer stripping the oils out of your hair when washing it and your scalp no longer has to overproduce oil to keep the scalp conditioned. This phase can vary from person to person but is on average a week to a month. If you use a natural shampoo, your hair might need a few washes to adjust to the formulation of the shampoo bar.
- To use the shampoo bars, either lather the bar in your hands, apply to wet hair or wet the bar and rub directly on hair. Get a good lather going and massage into scalp and hair, letting it sit for at least 30 seconds before rinsing out. Ensure that your hair is thoroughly rinsed. You will be able to tell if the product has not rinsed out completely as there will be an excess of oil. If your hair is exceptionally oily, try doing a second wash.
- Depending on how dry your hair, is you may not need to condition after using the shampoo bar. You may want use a hair oil to pre-condition beforehand. You can add oil to your hair and scalp and leave on for 30 minutes, or for best results, overnight. If the ends of your hair are still dry after, you can add a few drops to the ends of the hair. Our Restore and Protect Hair Oil blend is designed to complement the shampoo bars.