Recently there has been a lot of controversy over the use of palm oil. Palm oil is a widely used vegetable oil produced from the fruit of the tropical African palm tree. Most of the world’s supply of palm oil is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to the high demand and lack of environmental regulations there has been rapid deforestation and a dramatic impact on the species that rely on the forest for survival.

Palm oil is high in saturated fats and has a longer shelf life then most oils and fats making it an attractive ingredient for a variety of different products including soap. In soap making it adds hardness to the bar and creates a rich and stable lather. If too much palm oil is used in a recipe it can be drying just like coconut oil and therefore in our products it consists of less than 30% of the totals oils. Used in the correct percentages palm oil is essential in creating that perfect bar of soap that is moisturizing and long lasting.

We are proud to say that the palm oil we use does not contribute to the deforestation of the Rain Forest and is plantation and sustainably grown.