There is always debate surrounding the use of essential oils during pregnancy, so we thought we would throw our two cents into the mix and state our opinion.

Due to the fact that essential oils have a molecular weight that is under 1000 g/mol, it is possible that the compound can pass over the placenta. The potential issue with this is that it may impact the normal development of the fetus by either causing the maternal fluid surrounding the fetus to have a high toxicity level, or disrupting normal hormone patterns. It is not fully understood what impact the use of essential oils has on the normal development of the fetus and what the toxicity thresholds are, but it is known that there are also a few factors you have to consider when using essential oils. These factors are the quality of the oil, chemical composition and the interaction with the body, dosage and method of use (inhalation, ingesting, absorption through the skin). The risk goes up with ingesting oils, using essential oils that are not pure, using a high dosage and using certain oils that in theory could possibly interrupt normal hormone levels, development, or create a toxic environment easily. What causes debate is that there is a lack of evidence supporting that using essential oils can cause any developmental issues or miscarriages, we take it as more of a safety precaution. There are essential oils should be avoided either completely or in certain trimesters due to their nature and composition, and that even oils that considered safe be used in moderation, especially during the first few vital months.

Essential Oils to Avoid in All Trimesters

-Clary Sage
-Juniper Berry
-Oak moss
-Parsley seed

Essential Oils Safe For Use During Pregnancy in Moderation

-Sweet Orange
-Tea Tree
-Ylang Ylang

Essential Oils to Be Avoided in the First Trimester

-Lavender (this is our opinion, some believe that lavender should be avoided because it can be used to regulate periods and some think it may cause miscarriages. This is why we recommend waiting until the second trimester)

Here is a list of products that we carry that have essential oils from the Avoid list:

- Summer Soap
- Citrus + Herbs Soap
- Hemp Soap
- Charcoal Soap
- Pumpkin Soap
- Coffee Soap and Scrub
- Spiced Body Butter
- Eucalyptus Soap
- Beer + Protein Shampoo
- Blacksmith Soap
- Floral Bath Soak (first trimester)
- Breeze Body Butter (first trimester)
- Lavender Soap (first trimester)

Everything else is fair game! Happy Shopping!!