#NoShaveNovember has thankfully come to an end, but if your man has decided to keep the stache, beard, or scruffiness, we have a product that will make both of your lives a little easier; beard oil. 

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a product that nourishes, hydrates, and maintains facial hair. It is made up of carrier oils and essential oils, which work hand in hand to take care of that beard. Here’s a breakdown of these oils:

  1. Carrier Oils
    Carrier oils are essentially oil that have been extracted from nuts and seeds of plants that are used to dilute essential oils. These oils deliver moisturizing and healing benefits to the skin and hair.
  2. Essential Oils
    These scent friendly oils are mainly used for just that: scent. However, essential oils are additionally antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal, and work as a mood booster.

What are the benefits of beard oil?

  1. Relieves dry skin and itching - dry skin and itching is caused by the hair follicle growing without enough sebum to cover the follicle. When beard oil is introduced, it moisturizes the skin beneath the beard and relieves the itch that comes from the dry follicle. 
  2. Can cure dandruff, or in this case, “beardruff”- this comes from itching the beard excessively, causing dry skin to flake off. The best way to prevent beard ruff is to start using beard oil at the beginning of growing. Keeping the skin underneath the beard moisturized will prevent dryness and itching, which then prevents beardruff. 
  3. Style - beard oil will not only tame the beard, but soften the hair so it’s not scruffy and scratchy.
  4. Acne - Acne is caused by the follicle being clogged, which then blocks the pores and causes inflammation. Beard oil can fix that. It will go deep down into the hair follicle and clear any blockages. The oil will cleanse and moisturize and doesn’t get in the way of the sebum that is already there. 
  5. Sensitive skin - Using an all natural beard oil is perfect for those with sensitive skin. This type of product will moisturize and protect the hair, which eliminates dryness and prevents breakage. 

Let’s help these men tame their beard, and gain a lot more benefits than just their style. Take a look at out Release and Rugged beard oils, and our Beer Shave Soap here.