Lavami is known for using the best ingredients for our natural skin products. One essential ingredient that we love to use in our facial soap, Tamanu + Rosehip is coconut oil.

Coconut oil has many great qualities, one being it’s versatility, which is why we love using it in our products.

This amazing oil is known to increase good cholesterol, reduce stress, and helps your hair look shinier and healthier. This increases hair health and leads to less breakage. Coconut oil helps your skin and is known to help with demeritis, eczema, reduces inflammation. Why is it so great? It’s made up of the following acids and poly-phenols:

1. Lauric acid - Your body coverts this acid into monolaruin acid, which helps when dealing with viruses and diseases.

2. Capric acid - This acid reacts with the enzymes secreted by other bacteria which converts into a super powerful antimicrobial.

3. Caprylic acid - Caprylic acid is full of super powerful antimicrobial and anti- fungal properties, which help to cure skin conditions and kill bacteria that lives on the skin.

4. Poly-phenols - This contains gallic acid, also known as phenolic acid. Phenolic acid is responsible for the smell and taste of coconut oil that we all love.

If you aren’t convinced yet, coconut oil contains iron, and vitamin E & K. Which we all know helps us immensely. Coconut Oil is good for your body, and your skin and we couldn’t imagine not using it in our products to help you!

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