If you’re anything like me, Shea Butter was always something I was intrigued by. It was always advertised on my favourite lotions growing up, and I was sold on the fact whatnot was good for me; so I bought it every time. Now, I’m conscious of what I’m putting on my body so I do the research on these ingredients. I can still confirm that Shea Butter IS good for me, and I can tell you why.

But first, what is it?

Shea Butter comes from the seeds that grow on the Karite, or better known as the Shea tree. It is rich in Vitamins A, E, and F, and offers UV protection, and provides the skin with the essential fatty acids for collagen production. 

What else can Shea Butter do?

  1. Moisturizing - Shea Butter is very moisturizing because of the concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in this powerhouse ingredient. It remedies dry skin and helps protect your skin’s natural oils. 
  2. Reduces Inflammation - Shea Butter is comprised of Cinnamic Acid, Lupeol Cinnamate, and other properties that were proven to reduce skin inflammation and aids in helping people who suffer from acne. 
  3. Skin Smoothing - Shea Butter also contains Oleic, Stearic, Palmitic, and Linolenic acids that protect and nourish the skin. This prevents drying, and with long term use, can also aid in reducing wrinkles. 

So, why not use an ingredient that is moisturizing, smoothing, reduces inflammation, and protects your skin from UV rays? I know I’m all over it! 

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