There will be an adjustment period when switching to shampoo bars. Why? Traditional shampoos strip the oils from your hair and scalp causing your skin to start overproducing sebum, your bodies natural oil, to compensate. The shampoo bars don’t strip the natural oil out; therefore, your scalp will need time to stop overproducing oil and adjust back to normal. The oil production process can vary by person, so be patient! It’s so worth it.

Hair feel overly greasy or like there is a thin film covering it after washing? It’s most likely your water. The shampoo bars will react differently to different locations due to water hardness. Water hardness is a function of mineral content, usually referring to the amount of calcium and magnesium present, and the higher the content, the harder the water. The film that you are feeling on your hair is shampoo bar reacting with the excess minerals in the water to form soap film. Hard water also causes the hair cuticle to stand up and is drying on the skin. Either wash your hair with distilled water or invest in a water softening system of a filtering shower head. Your hair and your skin will thank us.

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