When searching for the best natural moisturizer, we come across quite a few different products like creams, butter, and lotions. Each is made to soften the skin, moisturize it, and add vital nutrients, but which is best for what application and what is the real difference between a lotion, a cream, and body butter?

Body Butter

Is the thickest of the three with a dense consistency and the longest shelf life. Made from a combination of carrier oils, essential oils, and plant-based butters, they usually don't contain water. Butters are a nutrient-dense product where the carrier oils hold and deliver essential ingredients, and the butters supply essential fats and minerals. Heavy and thick, body butters are applied to retain moisture and nourish the skin. Best applied after the shower to absorb deep within the layers of the skin and stop transepidermal water loss, or if you suffer from any type of skin issues like eczema or psoriasis. We've got 2 products available that fall into this category and they're on sale! The Refresh, and the Serene that are available now. We are taking some time to reformulate and present them, as we feel like we need to market them more as after shower balms because believe us, your skin will never feel better.

Skin Cream

Thinner than body butter, but thicker than lotion, creams are typically whipped, contains either plant-based butters or solid carrier oils, moisturizing and nourishing oils, waxes and thinners, and water and water-based ingredients. If you have dry skin that dries out quickly after applying lotion, the cream is for you. Perfect for those dry winter months.

Body Lotion

The lightest of the three and the thinnest application, body lotion is usually a water-based formula with nourishing carrier oils. If you don't like the consistency of lotion or body butter or have oily skin, this is the best for you. 


The Bottom Line

In our opinion, moisturizing is not an option no matter what type of skin you have. However, the bottom line is that if you have dry skin, apply the product to damp skin for deeper penetration and select either a body cream or body butter, and if you have oily skin, go for something lighter like a lotion.