Hi! I'm Noni and I founded Lavami 4 years ago. I rarely introduce myself because I like to be behind the scene, but I thought it was important to let people know why I started a Canadian skincare and soap company.

Growing up I always had very sensitive skin and psoriasis. Throughout my teenage years, it was incredibly hard to treat, nothing seemed to work and some prescription medication irritated my skin further. It wasn't until I visited a naturopath and made the switch to organic and all-natural body care products and food that my skin began to clear after years of suffering.

Back then, when I was first figuring out my skin sensitivities, natural skincare products were hard to find and very expensive, so I began making own. This became my hobby and turned into a positive business venture when I realized that there were not many available Canadian skincare brands that I could use. I have very delicate and sensitive skin, it's extremely dry (my sister refers to it as a dessert) and doesn't like anything artificial, including preservatives, which limits me to very little on the market. It's worth it for me if even 1 person finds relief in my products.

Our soaps and skincare products are handmade in Calgary, Alberta, and are gentle enough for all skin types. We are proud to source as many Canadian made ingredients, supplies and packaging as possible and love collaborating with other Canadian makers and businesses.