Ever try a product that ends up being a game-changer? Over here at Lavami, it was the scalp massager.

My scalp has always been dry and flakey, might have something to do with the dry Calgary climate and the harder water, who knows. It was particularly bad before I switched to shampoo bars for whatever reason.

A good friend of mine who also struggles with a dry and flakey scalp was gifted a scalp massager by her boyfriend, who spent hours researching and stumbled upon a similar product on Amazon. The scalp massager had thousands of 5 star reviews claiming that it really helped exfoliate dry scalp. We both ended up trying it and the reviews were true, with the first use we could see a dramatic reduction in the amount of flakes after washing. I don't go a wash without it! Not only does it work in product and help control the flakes, it also feels AMAZING! I knew we had to bring this product to you.

The only downside was that particular scalp massager what that half of it was made of plastic, so we searched high and low for one that was made of 100% silicone. Silicone is more durable and ocean-friendly than plastic, one of these babies will last a LONG time! It doesn’t break down into microplastics, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA, and doesn’t require fossil fuels for production.

The scalp massager can be used dry or wet. What I have found works best for me, is to use it before shampooing, and then again when conditioning to work it through my scalp and hair. Our Repair deep conditioning hair and scalp mask works great as it draws in moisture and locks it in, while be cooling and pepperminty.