Our Stimulating Scalp Massager was featured this year in the Forge and Sustain gift guide as a perfect gift for the Yogi in your life, and we get why. This is what Arti taught us the scalp massager can do for you:

"The acro-yogi in your life might be busy turning themselves into knots, but their hair doesn’t have to! This silicone scalp massager from Lavami is a game-changer when it comes to hair washing, scalp stimulation, and silky tresses. Invigorating the Ayurvedic practice of Marma massage, this scalp massager stimulates follicle growth and nerve endings, and helps reduce dry, flakey scalps (all that hot
yoga!), helping to clean hair effortlessly, as well as activate the crown chakra."

- Arti Jalan of Forge and Sustain

Now what is Marma? Marma points are anatomical locations in your body through which the energy of the five elements flows. Marma massage is the practice of stimulating these spots which are said to link emotional and physical well being through the three doshas:

  • vata (air and space)
  • kapha (earth and water)
  • pitta (fire and water)

And their are 37 marma points in your head and neck region which are stimulated with the scalp massager. Stimulation of these points is said to affect everything from the health of your organs to the production of hormones and more. So get scalp massaging!